Thursday, November 19, 2009

So I am back again......

I can not believe how long it has been since I checked my blog! Haha, I really need to update this more often. I am going to try to post at least once a week but I guess we will see! Things have been crazy busy for our family but we are surviving! I love my job and school and I am finally starting to figure out how to manage both with a family! Woot woo for me!

Austin is really struggling right now, particularly at school. We have been trying to get him into an autistic classroom but because his academics are so high, we are having problems with that. For now his teacher and the principal are taking very careful notes to add to his file. On a good note, the teacher I work for was put on Austins file so she has been able to really help with ideas on how to help him function in a regular ed classroom.

Jesse's seizures are pretty under control for him! I don't think he has done this well in a very long time. He will need surgery this summer again but hopefully the recovery will be easier than last time. He is catching up in school as he has been able to be there the majority of the school year thus far!!

Everyone else is doing pretty great over all!! I find myself counting my blessings quite a bit lately. I have so much to be grateful for. Jay and I both have great jobs, we have our home, cars, and basic needs met! Our kids are good kids and love us, we have been married for 15 years and still hold hands and love to be around each other.....the list could go on and on. I love my life and the people in it!!

I have decided that I need to start doing my crafts again. Since I started working and going to school, I really have not done anything crafty and I miss it! One of the kids in my classes mom has inspired me to start quilting again! I can't wait until this weekend because I am going to get started!! Wish me luck! I will post pics when I finish something!


Aurora said...

It is good to see you back! I would like a quilt for Christmas, please? :)

Diane said...

Hahaha, I will try! Love you!