Friday, January 30, 2009

Basket Ball Games!

So this week we have had three basket ball games and one more to go. Jay's Harley team has lost both of their games this week but have had a lot of fun. Deynna's team won their game this week and Deynna scored 18 points! She is such a ball player, she also has a black eye from her game! She plays her heart out when she plays. Last week, Jesse played in his first game of the season and his team won by forfeit. They still played though for fun and Jesse was able to play for about 5 minutes of the game! It really is a blessing that Jay is the coach for the Young mens team so he can monitor how well Jess is doing and how much he can handle. We still have Jays ward game tonight and the kids are very upset that they have to miss it, it starts at 10:00pm so.....

In other news, Austin got into a fist fight at school yesterday and Jay had to go to the principals office to have a meeting about it. This is the first time Austin has fought at school and we came down hard on him. He was being taunted so he felt justified. For those of you who do not know, Austin was born with fetal alcohol effect and he is also PDD, ADD, and bipolar. He is in second grade and has really tried hard to hold it together at school up to this point. Jay and I have decided it is time to switch doctors to one that specializes in more complex disorders. I know there has to be an answer somewhere, and we will keep on searching until we find it. On a whole Austin has been doing so much better. We started using the charts again for chores and responsibilities, which has helped tremendously, as well as a huge white board calender so he knows exactly what is going on each day with the family. Again, this makes a huge difference at home. I am hoping his new doctor will help guide us with information on how to rewrite Austins 504 plan at school to better help him with his unique situation. I will keep you posted on what we find out.

To end on a happy note, I love my new job! It is so rewarding to work with children with disabilites. I have decided that when I start my Masters program, I will not just go into Special Education, I will go into Special Education with the emphasis on the severly disabled. I love that I am able to take the training I am recieving in class, and apply it at home with my own children. It has been an amazing blessing for our family.

Through great trials come great blessings and I have to continue to remind myself of this as I tackle this latest issue with my son. I know, through faith, anything is possible.

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