Friday, January 23, 2009

Three weeks today!!

I cannot believe it has already been three weeks! My garden starts are doing amazing and I have started some flowers as well. For family night this week my mother taught a lesson based around the children's song Little Purple Pansy. For the activity we all planted pansy seeds. The kids had so much fun and cannot wait for their flowers to grow. I am also going to start some different herbs this weekend. As you can see the corn is out of control. I do not think I will be able to keep it alive until it is time to plant outside, but I will try. Next year I will start it inside about three weeks before I want to plant it! I am learning so much by growing everything inside. My tomato plants are doing so good. They are about 3 inches high now and their stems are very thick. They have multiple leaves as well. I plan on letting the kids sell all the extra starts in the spring so they are very excited and helpful! They are all saving up for something so this will be great for them. I will have at least 200 starts for them to sell I think. HAHA, I have no idea where we are going to put everything as they get bigger but we will find a place. My kids are keeping a journal about the plants, and are writing down all the things that happen each week. This have turned into a wonderful experience for everyone.

I just started a job this week as a para educator II in an autistic unit at an elementary school. I love it! I am learning so much and it is only 2 hours and 40 minutes a day so I am home when the kids are! As Special education is what my degree will be in, this is a great stepping stone for me. One of the little boys in my class is deaf so I am learning sign language. My family wanted to learn as well so every night before scriptures and prayer, I teach them 3 or 4 new signs. It has been less than a week and we already know quite a few words!

Jesse has been having a hard week. His absent seizures are more frequent but he still has not had a convulsent seizure. So we are counting our blessings and taking it one day at a time. He has only missed half a day of school this week which is great!

Deynna and Jay have been playing basket ball on their teams for the last few weeks and are loving it. Jesse has his first game this weekend and is very excited about it. It seems like we are living on the basketball court! It is great seeing everyone having so much fun.

I have about an hour to take a shower and get ready for work so......


Ciria said...

Cute blog! And WOW on the garden starts. I will have to come over and see this whole operation.

Diane said...

You should! And you can take a bunch of starts with you!!