Monday, April 30, 2007


I really need to work on my math homework but instead I am blogging because the last thing, in the world I want to do today is math. It was such a peaceful day today. I worked in the backyard most of the day getting it ready to be leveled. You see when we bought the house two years ago, the back yard was nothing but over grown bushes and trees and roses. not very condusive to children! So we started by ripping out all the bushes and cutting down the trees that were in sad shape. Last year we dug out so many stumps, the biggest one being so big we cant cut it up with the chain saw to get rid of it. So it has sat in front of our garage for the last 7 months. On a good note though my friend is going to lift it with his tractor and put it on his trailer to take to the green dump so we will finally be rid of it! YEAHHHHHH. Anyway we are hoping to finish leveling, dig in the sprinkler system, lay sod, get the pool up, and lay the brick patio by the end of May or beginning of June!! I cant wait. When it is all done I will have my sis take pics with her camera and post them.

Alright, enough of my pointless babbling. I guess I will go study. Wish me luck!!!

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Aurora said...

It will look great when it is done! Now....... get back to that math! LOL!